Irrigation and Flood Control



Irrigation System


Source: City Agriculture Office, City of Santa Rosa, Laguna


Source: City Agricultural Office, City of Santa Rosa, Laguna


Source: City Planning and Development Office, City of Santa Rosa, Laguna.


Flood Control and Drainage Facilities

Inventory of Existing Drainage System, 2010

The Site Investigation/Engineering Study for a Flood Control, Combined Drainage Sewerage System for the Santa Rosa Basin Project Interim Report made the drainage inventory.

The existing drainage system in the 18 barangays of Santa Rosa is a combination of circular pipe and rectangular channel. Most of the system is closed and about 90% is pipe. Based on the study, it reveals that most of the drainage structure are either insufficient to catch surface run-off due to structures are damaged. This condition coupled with encroachment of informal settlers along river banks resulting to flooding in the low lying areas. (p.13; 43-54)


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