The rapid rate of economic development came with the growth in population. Population growth due to migration was dramatically high until the 1990s (13.66%) but slowed down thereafter. However, the increase in population will still be high despite the declining growth rate. It is expected that the population will increase further given the profile of the migrants to the city. According to the law of selectivity of migration, younger people tend to migrate to find their fortune and be employed in the companies located in Santa Rosa. It is likely that migrants in Santa Rosa are young who are also of marrying age and are those who are ready to have a family; thus, the rate of natural growth is also high.


Historical Growth of Migrants and Natural Residents: City of Santa Rosa, 1970-2010

Source: Excerpt from the Field Study of P.G.Velasco (2013) entitled “Prospects and Challenges of Population Growth to ECCD Services of the City of Santa Rosa, Laguna”.

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