Population Distribution


Age – Sex Distribution

Of the 289,946 estimated population of Santa Rosa in 2012, there was almost equal distribution of males (49.6) and females (50.4) as shown in Table 5. The sex ratio in the city was recorded at 98 males for every 100 females.

The total age dependency ratio1 of the city was estimated at 48 per hundred working persons in 2012. This implies that 100 working individuals would have to support 48 persons aside from themselves. For every 100 individuals who are able to work in the city, there are 44 young dependents who are too young to earn a living (infants, children, and adolescents below 15 years old) would depend to them for support. Moreover, the old dependents aged 65 years old and above, only constitute four percent of the total economically productive population of the city.


Source: National Statistics Office, Sta.Mesa, Metro Manila, Philippines.


School – Age Population

In 2012, the City of Santa Rosa has a total of 102,055 school-age population. This is the population between the ages of seven and twenty-four, inclusive, irrespective of the existing requirements of compulsory education or the period of education provided for in various types of schools. An increase of almost 1,800 school-age individual living in the City of Santa Rosa was recorded for the periods 2010 to 2012.



Voting-Age Population

The voting-age population (18 years old and over) accounted for 65.01 percent of the total population of the city in 2012. The voting-age population in 2010 is almost the same share at 64.99 percent.

Source: Commission on Election (COMELEC) – City of Santa Rosa, Laguna


However, the total number of registered voters and voters who actually votes related to a particular election year are shown in table 8. In May 2010 annual election, the registered voters who actually votes is 73 percent of the total registered voters. It is 6 percent higher than the registered voters who actually votes recorded in 2007 manual election. The increased can be accounted to the massive participatory campaign of both national and local government units (LGUs) to encourage first time voters to register in order to exercise their right to suffrage. A comprehensive review of existing database was conducted to remove the departed and redundant names on the lists.

The recent automated midterm election was held last May 13, 2013. Data on the number of registered voters who actually vote is not yet available but it was recorded that there are 154, 270 registered voters in Santa Rosa

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