The City of Santa Rosa is located within 121˚ 6’ latitude and 14.19’ longitude. It is bounded on the northwest by Biñan, on the south and southwest by Cabuyao and on the west by the Province of Cavite. On the northeast is Laguna de Bay.

It is bounded on the NE, along lines 1-97 by Laguna de Bay; on the SE, along lines 97-255 by the Cabuyao River; along lines 255-430 by the Municipality of Cabuyao; along lines 430-537 by the Diezmo River; on the SW, along lines 537-544 by the Municipality of Silang, Cavite; on the NW, along lines 544-714 by the Sta. Rosa River; along lines 714-809 by Biñan Estate; on the NE, along lines 809-to the point of beginning by Laguna de Bay.



The City of Santa Rosa is located along the south corridor of Luzon or about 40 kilometers south of Manila in the first district of the Province of Laguna.

It is a strategic and ideal place for local and foreign entrepreneurs due to its proximity to Metro Manila. It lies 50 kilometers northwest of Santa Cruz, the capital town of the Province of Laguna.

The City of Santa Rosa is linked to Metro Manila and other southern provinces by the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), the Manila South Road and the Philippine National Railroad South line. From the SLEX interchange, the City of Santa Rosa can be accessed through a national road leading to the adjacent municipality of Silang, Cavite. Water transport to the nearby coastal town is also available.

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