Land Resources

The quality of ground water is questionable as a result of waste disposal methods. The municipality generally openly dumps solid waste either in vacant lots, dump sites and waterways while liquid wastes are directly discharged into water bodies. In any case, leachate infiltrates into groundwater sources or intrudes via channels.


Existing General Land Use of Santa Rosa Basin in Percentage Areas


The Santa Rosa watershed is composed of two municipalities and two cities of which three belongs to the province of Laguna (City of Santa Rosa, the young City of Biñan, and the Municipality of Cabuyao) and one belongs to the province of Cavite (Municipality of Silang). The total land area of the Santa Rosa basin is 115 sq km (100%).

 Based on Santa Rosa Watershed Hydrology and Hydrogeology Report (2009), the City of Santa Rosa comprised of 37 percent of the Santa Rosa basin, the municipality of Cabuyao go after at 25 percent, the municipality of Silang at the nearby province of Cavite holds 22 percent, and the city of Biñan grasp the least proportion at 16 percent.

 In terms of land use categories, the City of Santa Rosa does not have any areas marked with forest annotations on the GIS map including coconut farm holdings. Santa Rosa holds the majority of grasslands area (11%) in the whole watershed because this large areas owned by prominent property developers in the city (e.g Ayala Land, Eton, and Greenfield) decided to temporarily left it idle that are aligned for their future development rather than use it for vegetation and other agricultural activities. This areas dominated by grasses are sometimes been cleared for temporary car parks or play grounds.

 It was no surprise that Santa Rosa’s land use were been transformed from agricultural town to a major residential, industrial, commercial, and recreational center in the South Luzon Region. Majority of agricultural land (rice land and mixed crops) are found in Cabuyao (10%) followed by Santa Rosa (9%), Silang (4%) and Biñan (2%). Majority of commercial-residential-industrial are very evident in Santa Rosa (16%) compared to Cabuyao (10%), Biñan (7%), and Silang (2%).

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