To address the issues that have been identified in the various infrastructure and utilities sub-sectors, the following projects have been proposed through the CLUP and other studies conducted. These are as follows:


Level III Water Supply 

This will entail the development of new water sources (mainly deep wells), storage facilities, pump stations, transmission and distribution lines, and rehabilitation of existing facilities. The estimated additional service population is about 22,000 in the short-term, 46,000 in the medium-term, and 42,000 in the long-term.

As discussed above, this shall be undertaken by CBSRWS but nonetheless, private sector participation should be explored.


Bulk Water Supply (refer to CLMDS Project IF-3j 

This entails the development of water sources (deep well fields and/or surface water sources), treatment plants, storage facilities, and transmission lines. A bulk water project in the bay area is expected to serve not only Santa Rosa, but adjoining towns as well, and a significant percentage of revenues would come from industrial estates/firms. As discussed above, this could be undertaken by the CBSRWS and/or the private sector. This is envisaged in the long-term.


Groundwater Use Metering/Monitoring Program (refer to CLMDS Project IF-2) 

This would involve inter-local co-operation and involves groundwater baseline studies (groundwater levels, water quality, use allocation, saltwater intrusion) and a water use regulation program.


Septage Treatment Plant Development 

This entails development of a septage treatment plant. A plant could be put up solely for Santa Rosa City, but a bigger capacity plant could be constructed to cater to several towns. Revenues would be in the form of "tipping" fees to be charged to the private "Malabanan" desludging companies. This shall be implemented by the local government(s). This shall be undertaken in the short-term.


Sanitation Project 

This involves the construction of communal toilets in depressed communities and in key public areas.


Community Sewerage System 

This will involve the construction of a domestic sewage collection system and sewage treatment plants. Target areas will be the Urban Redevelopment and Growth Management Areas. This long-term project will help in the reduction of pollution loads that cause deterioration of rivers and creeks as well as the Laguna de Bay.


River Capacity Enhancement 

River capacity enhancement, particularly the widening of Santa Rosa Labas and Caingin rivers, construction of new drainage system and compulsory provision of 

sewer system has been found the most realistic measure to address the twin concerns of flowing and river pollution confronting the City of Santa Rosa.

The status of these projects will be confirmed and duly integrated in the upgrading of the CLUP, in consideration of the recommendations from the 2012 Sectoral Analysis Workshop which includes:

a. Flood zoning and special building codes for flood zones

b. Involvement of local barangays to allocate MRF spaces to be funded by the city government. A massive information and educational campaign is also helpful to convince local residents about the merits of MRF.


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