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Social Welfare Assistance Program


The City Social Welfare and Development Office is committed to serve, protect and rehabilitate that segment of the population who has the least in life


1. To advocate for potlcies and measures addressing social welfare concerns.

2. To identify the basic needs of the needy, the disadvantaged,

impoverished and develop and implement appropriate measures to alleviate their problems and improve their living conditions;

3. To provide relief and appropriate crisis intervention for victims of abuse and exploitation and recommend appropriate measures to defer further abuse and exploitation;
4. To facilitate the implementation of welfare programs for the disabled, the elderly and victims of drug addiction, rehabilitation of prisoners and parolees, prevention of juvenile delinquency and such other activities which would eliminate or minimize the ill effects of poverty;
5. To initiate and support youth welfare programs that will enhance the role of the youth in nation- building;
6. To be in the frontline of service delivery particularly those concerning immediate relief and assistance during and in the aftermath of man-made and natural disaster and calamities.


Social Welfare Assistance Program


Family & Community Welfare Program 

  • Parent Effectiveness Services

This covers the provision of knowledge and skills to parents and others involved in child caring on early childhood care and development, maternal health care, behavior management, husband-wife relationship, and parenting rights and duties. A total of 2,651 parents were provided PES with the valuable contribution of Ms.Teodora De Leon Lladoc as speaker.

  • ​Marriage Counselling Services

This service assists married couples towards an informed decision about marriage, helping couples resolve marital conflicts, enrich conjugal relationships and enable married couple petitioning for legal separations to decide for their best interest and that of their children. The city social welfare office served 14 cases of parenting capability assessment, 7 cases of guardianship and temporary custody, 14 cases of child financial support, and 35 marital conflicts resolved in the year 2013.

  • Pre-marriage Counselling 

Pre-marriage counseling is provided to couples who are contemplating marriage andl or marriage license where one or both parties are not below 18 years old and above 25 years old. A total of 492 couples were given pre-marriage counselling services.

  • Annual Day Care Parent's Orientation

The 0rientation covers : day care service, population awareness, nutrition education, emergency response, and birth registration. A total of 2,600 day care parents participated in this activity.

  • Social Services for Solo Parents

In compliance with Republic Act No. 8972 - An act providing for benefits and privileges to solo parents and their children, appropriating funds therefore and for other purposes, 566 Solo Parent IDs were issued for the year 2013, 280 new and 286 renewal. As of 2013, there were 1.484 solo parent members. The benefits of solo parents include (1) flexible work schedule (2) protection from work discrimination (3) parental leave of not more than seven working days every year (4) educational benefits (5) housing benefits and (6) medical assistance. 

  • Self - Employment Assistance Program (SEA)

This covers the provision of interest-free capital assistance and other livelihood­oriented services to enable the needy family heads and other adults to undertake income-producing projects. A total of 75 families received self-employment assistance (27 new and 48 renewal), with a maximum loanable amount of 35, 000.00 for renewal. A total amount of P 824,000.00 was granted in 2013, and the total collection for that year was P 546,348.00.


Table 5-52: Payment per Month, CSWD, City of Santa Rosa, 2013 



  • Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program

Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program started in the City of Santa Rosa in January 2012. The program has two objectives: 1) Social assistance: provide cash assistance to address short- term financial need. 2) Social development: by investing in capability building, families will be able to break intergenerational poverty cycle.

The poorest among poor are selected through a proxy-means test. Economic indicators such as ownership of assets, type of housing, education of the household head, livelihood of the family and access to water and sanitation facilities are proxy variables to indicate the family economic category. An additional qualification is a household must have children 0-14 years old and/or have pregnant women during the assessment and shall agree on all the conditions set by the government to enter the program.


Child and Youth Welfare Program 

Supplemental Feeding Program

The objectives of the supplemental feeding program are: (1) To provide support to the feeding program for children in LGU- managed day care centers using indigenous food and! or locally processed foods equivalent to 1/3 of th e recommended energy and nutrient intake; (2) To improve the knowledge, attitude and practices of children enrolled in day care centers, as well as of parents and caregivers, through intensified nutrition and health education; (3) To improve the nutritional status of all target children, and to refer to th e appropriate health unit any health and nutrition related problem of children. Some 3,048 day care children and evacuees from different barangays in the city benefitted from the supplemental feeding program. A total amount of 4,754,880.00 was allocated for the supplemental feeding in the year 2013.



  • Children in Conflict with the law (CICL)

The PAG-ASA Youth Rehabilitation Center for CICl is established and situated at Barangay Sinalhan, City of Santa Rosa, laguna. A total of 174 children are served at the center. In 2 0 1 3 , a total amount of 477,0960.00 was allocated for their food and basic needs. The center is managed by a head, who is assisted by a psychologist and 9 house parents.

The facility serves as a temporary home and rehabilitation center for male disadvantaged children. It provides protection, care, training and rehabilitation for CICl in a home-like environment for a maximum period of six months, with an end view of reintegrating them to their family and community.

The primary beneficiaries are male disadvantaged children who are 15 years old and below, who were alleged to have committed a heinous crime, and therefore need immediate protection from a high risk and unsafe environment while undergoing intervention or rehabilitation; 16-18 year old males who come in conflict with the law, have no parent or relatives to come home 10 while assessment of discernment is being undertaken; children who are abused, neglected and exploited by parents or relatives who are unemployed, irresponsible, with very low parental skills, or with serious behavioural problems.


Table 5-55: Total Number of Beneficiaries and Amount Allocated for CICL, City of Santa Rosa 2013


  • Special Court Related Cases (Child cases)

The CSWD provided support in special court related child cases such as the following:


Table 5-56: Number of clients served in child related cases, CSWD, City of Santa Rosa


Program for Persons with Disability and the Elderly 

Persons with Disability



Table 5-57: Number of Persons with Disability, by Sex, by Disability and by Barangay, CSWD, City of Santa Rosa 2013


  • Advocacy on PWDs

The office had a series of activities to raise the awareness of the public on disability prevention. An orientation regarding the Magna Carta for PWDs was also conducted for the disabled persons to become aware of the benefits and privileges as mandated by the law.

  • Issuance of PWD IDs

A total of 263 PWD IDs, Purchase Booklets for Medicines and Prime Commodities were issued in 2013.

  • Assistance for Physical Restoration Services

This assistance benefitted 179 PWDs: 65 were given wheel chairss, 7 crutches, 5 walkers, 2 hearing

aids, 70 nebulizers, 10 white canes, 5 quad canes, 3 strollers, 2 glucometers, 9 prosthesis Legs.

  • Annual Celebration of National Disability, Prevention & Rehabilitation Week

The 35th National Disability, Prevention and Rehabilitation Week was held in July 17 -23, 2013 with the theme: "Building an inclusive and non-handicapping environment for person with disability." More than 1 ,000 PWDs from different SPED schools and barangays attended the said event, which featured different games and activities, including a free medical and dental check-up by the Santa Rosa Medical Society and Santa Rosa Dental Club.

  • Senior Citizens

The following table shows the number of senior citizens by barangay.


Table 5-58 Total Number of Senior Citizens by Barangay, CSWD, City of Santa Rosa 2013


  • Social Pension

Pursuant to the eligibility criteria determined by the DSWD, indigent senior citizens are entitled to a monthly stipend amounting to five hundred pesos (Php 500.00) to augment the daily subsistence and other medical needs of senior citizens. There are 52 social pension beneficiaries selected by the DSWD Field Office in the city as of 2013.

  • Botika ni Lolo at Lola

This program provides senior citizens of the City of Santa Rosa with free and quality medicines. Measures are taken to assist senior citizens in the purchase of their medicines. An annual budget of 2,000,000 pesos is used for the medicines.


Social Welfare Facilities, Services, Clientele 


Provision for the Operation and Maintenance of Day Care Service 

  • Day Care Service

Day care service involves the provision of substitute parental care and provision of stimulating activities for th e total development of children 3 - 4.8 years old while his/her parents are unable to take care of him / her during part of the day because of work and some other situation. A total of 2,651 pre-schoolers are enrolled in 32 day care centers. These centers are staffed with a day care teacher and a day care aide, both given an allowance from the city government.



Free Books

In 2013, 7,910 books in English, mathematics, science, Filipino, and reading were given to the day care children. A total amount of 2,500,000.00 was used for this project.


Women's Welfare Program

The disadvantaged women are the target beneficiaries of this program.

There is a Capability Building and Productivity Skills Training Center for Women in the City which offers regular courses in food processing, baking, ISMO, sewing craft, tailoring and handicraft.

As of 2013, some 2,111 women have successfully completed training in sewing craft, tailoring, culinary arts, cosmetology, food processing, baking, handicrafts, candle and soap making, and meat processing.



  • Women's Month Celebration

The Celebration of Women's Month with the theme: "Kababaihan; Gabay sa Pagtahak sa Tuwid na Daan" was spearheaded by the GAD Focal Point Team and the CSWDO. Various activities we r e h e I d , including a grand motorcade, photo and livelihood products exhibit, free services in health care, legal consultation, massage and therapy, livelihood demonstration, and basic business management training. Different women organizations (NGOs, POs, GOs and Barangay) as well as 1,635 women joined the events. Some P 407,210.00 was used for the activities.


Emergency Program

  • Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situations

This covers the provision of limited assistance, in cash or in kind, to individuals/ families who are hampered to function normally because of socio-economic difficulties. The nature of difficulty is usually short term and emergency in nature, thus, the assistance is on a "one shot deal" basis. A total of 1,634 individuals were provided cash assistance: 1,584 individuals for medical assistance, 8 financial assistance (for shelter needs, adoption publication, hit and run cases, etc.), 32 financial assistance for cataract operation, 9 fire victims, 1 rape victim. A total amount of 3,732,458.00 was spent for this program.

  • Balik Probinsya

This involves the provision of limited financial material assistance to support the planned and purposive return to the place of origin either of disaster victims, distressed, displaced individuals or families to enable them to participate in their development and the community where their socio- economic well-being is ensured. A total of 40 families were provided financial assistance for their fare, and the assistance reached a total of P 162,500.00.

  • Burial Assistance

Some 861 beneficiaries were assisted, and a total amount of Php 4,252,500.00 burial assistance was released (taken from the Mayor's Office funds).

  • Hospitalization

In 2013, 1,185 individuals were served in the hospitalization program, and a total amount of 3,768,696.51 was spent on them.


  • Emergency disaster relief operation (assistance to victims of floods)

In this program, 22,502 families received bags of goods, and a total amount of P6,750,600.00 was utilized for the assistance given to flood victims.


Other Services 

  • Issuance of Certificate (for indigent individuals)

About 130 indigent individuals were able to get medical ! financial assistance from welfare institutions and other helping agencies after getting a certificate from the city social welfare office.

• Issuance of Solicitation Permit 

The city social welfare office issues solicitation permits to individuals, organizations, and NGOs who wish to raise funds for a certain charity and for humanitarian purposes.




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