Santa Rosa covers a total land area of 5,543 hectares. It is almost entirely plain with 97.89% of its total land area having slopes ranging from 0.0 to 2.5% indicating level to nearly level lands. Only about 114 hectares or 2.06% of the total land area of the city is subject to erosion.


 Slope / Soil Erosion

Being primarily flat, the lands of Santa Rosa are subject to none to slight erosion. There are three (3) types of terrain in the city:

Level to nearly level.  Areas with slopes ranging from 0.0 to 2.5 and are ideal for development. Barangays Sinalhan, Aplaya, Caingin, Market Area, Kaingin, Ibaba, Malusak, Tagapo, Kanluran, Labas, Pooc, Macabling, Balibago, Dila and Dita are in these areas.

Undulating to rolling terrain.  Areas characterized by slopes of 5.0 to 18.0. Barangays Pulong Santa Cruz, Don Jose, Malitlit and Sto. Domingo have undulating to rolling terrain.

Rolling to moderately steep. Only the southwestern portion of Sto. Domingo has rolling to moderately steep slope.

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