Waste Management

Solid Wastes

Increasing economic (production and consumption) activity, in effect, would boost the generation of solid wastes in any given community. Based on the City’s Environmental Code (City Ordinance No.1720-2011), “Solid Wastes” refer to all discarded household, commercial wastes, non-hazardous institutional and industrial wastes, street sweepings, construction debris, agricultural wastes, and other non-hazardous/non-toxic solid wastes.

The findings of the WAC Study in 2004 on individual solid waste generation of 0.6kg/person in a day may not be relevant today due to increase economic activity of the people living in Santa Rosa. Also, the Census Office (NSO) already issued an actual population of 284,640 in 2010.

The table shows that projected waste generation per day of the City of Santa Rosa until the year 2017. The total solid waste generation of the city with estimated population of 310,258 (2010), is about 186 metric tons per day based on the average rate of 0.6kg/person/day (WACS, 2004). An estimated 53% of the total wastes generated are recyclable.

10-Year Projected Waste Generated, Diverted, and Disposal, City of Santa Rosa, 2008-2017

Source: 10 Year City Solid Waste Management Plan, City of Santa Rosa, Laguna


Solid Waste Collection

The City Government, through the supervision of the City ENRO, is providing daily garbage collection on the 18 barangays, including almost all private subdivisions. It is spending Php 54 million per year for the collection and hauling of garbage (City ENRO, 2008).

Pilotage Trading and Construction (PTAC) is a private contractor that owns a sanitary landfill located in San Pedro, Laguna is in charge in the everyday garbage collection of the city. PTAC is using 29 dump trucks tracking different routes per day. (Excerpt from the 10-Year City Solid Waste Management Plan)


SWM Personnel

The Solid Waste Management in the City of Santa Rosa is supervised by the City Environment and Natural Resources Officer through the assistance of four technical and 46 supporting staff.

In 2009, there are 449 street sweepers and 156 environmental armies that provide workforce assistance in all SWM undertakings while nine (9) utility workers assist PTAC in daily routing. (Excerpt from the 10-Year City Solid Waste Management Plan)


Liquid Wastes

The entire city lacks wastewater treatment facilities. The city resorts to discharging wastes into surface waters like local rivers and creeks. Consequently, Santa Rosa contributes to the unfavourable Class C status of Laguna Lake.

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