Activity Centre

Activity Centre for Urban Re-development of Santa Rosa, 2000-2015.


Rizal Boulevard Corridor (Tagapo-Poblacion-Labas-Balibago) is the traditional downtown. It is fast fusing into a unitary growth centre due to the development of a string of commercial areas along the national road linked directly to the poblacion area.


 They are characterized by old settled areas, old buildings, sporadic urban infilling and inadequate infra facilities. Common problems include the blighting of buildings, traffic congestion, and prevalence of low quality developments, encroachments on public rights of way, lack of parking facilities, inadequate loading and unloading areas, among others.


Activity Centre for New Development of Santa Rosa, 2000-2015.

a. South West Corridor (Santo Domingo-Don Jose- Pulong Sta,Cruz) is fast becoming a centre for business and industry since it is the site of major industrial estates, economic zones, commercial establishments, residential subdivisions, shopping mall and eco-tourism zone, among others.Critical to this area is the provision of adequate roads since it is presently being accessed only through the National Road. Traffic Congestion and gridlock has been experienced in the area indicating the need to alternative road system going to the northeast.


 b. Manila South Road Corridor (Dita-Dila-Balibago-Macabling-Tagapo) is the corridor of the old Manila South Road. Bustling with commercial activities with the presence of major drivers – SM City, Robinsons Market, MDI-New Sinai Hospital, Balibago Commercial Complex, mass housing subdivisions, banking institutions, Asia Brewery, St. James Hospital, among others. The area needs road and sidewalk improvement, upgrading of drainage facilities, parking areas, traffic management, granting fiscal incentives for commercial and industrial development, among others.


 c. Laguna Lake Corridor for Waterfront Development is the area for future of Santa Rosa in the years to come. With the limited land area of Santa Rosa, the on-going development will peak and diminish gradually for lack of land for business, industry, residence, recreation, among others .Santa Rosa is pioneering in waterfront development through its flagship project – Aplaya de Santa Rosa Waterfront Development designed by Palafox Associates.


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