Land Development Guidelines of Santa Rosa

Land Development Guidelines of Santa Rosa, 2000-2015


The Plan adopts the following to be observed by all land developments:


Economic Welfare Promotion.  The development shall not cause excessive requirements at public cost for public facilities and services and should not be detrimental to the economic welfare of the community.


 Environmental Conservation and Preservation.  All significant environmental assets shall be conserved and preserved to include natural views/vistas, trees, vegetation, wildlife habitat, water resources, water recharge areas, flood zones, others.


 Historic Conservation and Preservation.  The historic sites and facilities shall be conserved and preserved and be made accessible for educational and cultural enrichment of the general public.


 Active Urban Open Spaces.  The development of a network of active urban open spaces is promoted. Industrial estates and residential subdivision are required to establish “forest parks” within their premises. Large scale commercial developments like shopping malls are also required to put up the same for public use.


 Neighborhood Compatibility.  The quality of every neighborhood shall always be enhanced. The design, construction, operation, and maintenance of every facility shall be in harmony with the existing and intended character of its neighborhood.

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