Movement System

Movement System of Santa Rosa, 2000-2015.

A grid network of roads, railway, water ferry system and monorail system may define the movement systems of Santa Rosa in the future.


These systems shall be closely inter-connected and provided with adequate transition (such as enhanced accessibility to South Rail Train terminal, water ferry terminal near the Lake) in order to maximize their service potentials.


The grid network would capitalize on existing networks as well as the possible inter-connection of presently disjointed arteries.


Strong inter-municipal linkages should be provided to fully link Santa Rosa with other municipalities in the vicinity and would strengthen its possible role as the sub-region’s commercial centre.


An extensive system of intra-municipal linkages is also imperative in order to ensure the efficiency of local circulation particularly if one considers the emergence of master planned communities in the southwest and the waterfront development in the northeast.


The linkages should be laid out in a manner that will exploit the potentials of the identified strategic Activity Centres (old and new growth areas) as well as provided the opportunities to disperse development in other parts of Santa Rosa.

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