Structural Framework of Santa Rosa

Structural Framework of Santa Rosa, 2000-2015.

The Plan divides Santa Rosa into three major sectors: Eastern, Central, Western defined by existing major roads, development patterns determining the urban structure of the City.

The Eastern Sector is defined by areas east of the Manila South Road characterized by broad flatlands where the city hall, central business district, church, plaza and the old residential areas may be found. It is traversed by the PNR southline with a passenger station.

 The Central Sector is wedged in between the SLEX and the Manila South Road characterized by the presence of idle lands, sporadic agricultural areas, sprawling housing subdivisions, commercial and industrial establishments as well as the Enchanted Kingdom.

The Western Sector is between the Municipality of Silang, Cavite and the SLEX characterized by sprawling industrial estates, residential subdivisions, Paseo mall, hotel establishments and eco zone areas of Nuvali.

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