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City Vice Mayor



Vice Mayor Arnold B. Arcillas is popularly known as “Kuya Arnold”, as he has endeared himself to many as an older brother due to his approachable demeanor and amiable character.

Down-to-earth and humble, Kuya Arnold is unpretentious and modest despite his personal and professional background.

Kuya Arnold is the youngest child and only son of the late Santa Rosa Mayor Leon C. Arcillas and Josefina Bawan.  He is a brother to Helly, an entrepreneur; and to three-term Santa Rosa City Mayor Arlene B. Arcillas, currently the Representative of the First District of Laguna.  He is married to Maria Cecilia, an entrepreneur who hails from Gumaca, Quezon.

Kuya Arnold spent his entire childhood and adult life in Santa Rosa, Laguna.  An alumnus of Canossa School of Santa Rosa, he finished his elementary and high school education from the private sectarian school.

He has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies Major in Computer Technology from the De La Salle University (DLSU).  He has units in Masters in Computer Studies from Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU).

Despite having big shoes to fill in public service, with his father and older sister being former mayors of the city he now serves as Vice Mayor, Kuya Arnold has come to be known for his own brand: enhancing the local government through technology and bringing corporate culture to governance.

A specialist in information technology, he has expertise in infrastructure set-up and maintenance, as well as building and managing an IT department from ground zero.

He has 18 years of experience in South Asia in managing day-to-day IT operations and its strategic positioning in key industries, specifically Financial Services, Global Outsourcing and the Local Government Sector.

Over all responsibility extends from the initial careful planning with the business partners to the implementation of over-all approved technology and includes monitoring, controlling and managing of the entire Information Technology Department.

He has extensive Risk Management and Data Security background experience.  Key achievement is the 99.87% service level of all equipment and delivery channels.

With his corporate background and technical skills, Kuya Arnold centers his platform of governance on the SMART City Approach.

His concept of a smart city (also smarter city) is using digital technologies or information and communication technologies (ICT) through proper infrastructure that will enhance quality and performance of urban services, to reduce costs and resource consumption, and to engage more effectively and actively with its citizens. (Wikipedia, modified)

He also adopted the four Pillars of Development, the governance model Representative Arlene Arcillas during her three terms as City Mayor to sustain and continue the development goals of the city.

According to Kuya Arnold: “My personal mission is to implement, reinforce and sustain the Santa Rosa City as a Smart City. This can be done primarily through continuous maintenance, updates and creation of City Ordinances suitable for a Smart City.”


•    Vice Mayor, City of Santa Rosa (2016 to present)
•    Concurrent Presiding Officer of Sangguniang Panglungsod (2016 to present)
•    Head, City Information Technology Office (CITO), City  Government of Santa Rosa, Laguna (2012 – 2015)
•    IT Director, Philippine Dealing System (2011 – 2012)
•    Senior Vice President (Division Head), Sumisho Motor Financing (2010 Jan – Sept)
•    Vice President, HSBC IT Operations (2007 – 2009)
•    Assistant Vice President, HDPP IT Infrastructure (2004 – 2007)
•    Manager, IT Operations Center – HSBC (2001 – 2004)
•    Assistant Manager, HSBC IT Infrastructure (1997 – 2001)
•    Technical Support, HSBC (1995 – 1997)
•    AS-400 Operator, HSBC (1994 – 1995)


•    Oversees the entire Geographical Information System and network support of the City Hall insofar as planning, monitoring, and supervising are concerned
•    Responsible for the day to day operations of  the data center,  technical support team and network telecommunications groups
•    Manages the application system developed by a third party that deals with government processes. 
•    Provides proper management and coordination of scant resources considering the needs and demands of 4,000 staff
•    Develop IT technical plans and strategies for approval and implementation of the Mayor in conjunction with local and national ICT flagship projects.

•    Responsible for the overall direction, planning and control of all aspects related to Technology Operations functions – i.e. systems administration, security and control, network and communications, and computer operations (Data Center).
•     Authors the Technology Operations Plan and ensures that its execution is aligned with the business goals and strategies that are set by the Executive Director for Operations and Technology Services. 
•    Manages the Data Center and System Support, Networks and Desktop Support and Helpdesk. The jobholder finds synergies in the support role functions while maintaining the expertise that all groups require.

•    Provided consultancy services to the Head of IT such as the Data Centre Build up, System Integration and IT staff planning
•    Led the building of the IT Division which includes the Infrastructure, Application,  and System Software 
•    Critical role in the overall direction, planning and control of all aspects related to Information Technology (IT) functions – i.e. system integration and development, systems administration, security and control, network and communications, and computer operations.  
•    Authored the Area IT Plan and ensures that its execution is aligned with the business goals and strategies that are set by the Local Executive Office. A
•    Provided the short and long-term technical needs of the business and maintaining a sound IT infrastructure that ensures support for continuous business operations.
•    Contributed to the profitability by providing thought leadership in technology through commercial awareness, tactical and strategic relationships with external suppliers, the local IT community, and with Group IT organizations. 
•    Helped monitor and control IT spending and implement solutions that are feasible and cost effective.

•    Responsible for the entire system and network support of HSBC in planning, monitoring, controlling cost effectiveness 
•    Managed the data center, technical support team and the network and telecommunications groups
•    Ensured and developed synergies in providing support role for the disparate fields of office automation, telephony, networks and data center functions in an organization that has grown to four (4) different entities namely HSBC, HBPH, INPH and PBRS
•    Provided proper management and coordination of scant resources considering the needs and demands of 22 different branch locations and 2,000+ users 
•    Managed the largest sub department in IT that comprised 15 people

•    Assumed the post of Head of IT Department from January to May 2006 in absence of VP IT
•    Managed, controlled, and monitored the installation, operation and maintenance of IT infrastructure, i.e. call center equipment, voice, data network, desktops and communication systems of the GSC in the Philippines
•    Ensured the continuous business operations through contingency planning and implementation and integrity through security administration
•    Designed, implemented, and provided complementary management support for the 24 x 7 shop in 3 call center sites
•    Led a team of 34  people 

•    Led the general management of the computer operation which included the 24 hour operation of all equipment used 
•    Did the careful planning and implementation of expansion projects, systems upgrade, and, installation of technological innovations
•    Handled overall network management by closely monitoring the performance of all communication channels (e.g. PABX, Cisco, NAC, POS, etc.)
•    Maintained good relationship with third party carriers/vendors
•    Responsible for damage control in times of technical breakdown as well as isolates possible causes of network failures
•    Ensured that  all equipment and facilities are physically secured
•    Implemented strict adherence to security policy with regards to usage of passwords and processing of pertinent bank information/data 
•    Monitored potential IT risks stemming from compromised IT Security
•    Addressed problem management whether pertaining to computer operation in general or to network operation
•    Ensured proper documentation of problem at hand, communicates issues arising from technical breakdown to relevant parties to ensure proper resolution, adjustments on the procedure
•    Supervised the proper testing procedures during project implementation

•    Hexagon Awardee (given to employees who have exceptionally performed and contributed the bank’s growth)
•    Responsible for the smooth operations of the AS-400 Mini Computer with extensive experience in OS/400, SQL, CL/400
•    Managed the ATM networking and the Local Area Network and its back-up.
•    Oversaw a 24-hr online service and maintains adequate supply for computer operations provided by 6 operators
•    Handled the overall network of  HSBC as well as the integration of the newly acquired PCI Savings Bank to Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation’s  network and AS400
•    Provided 24-hr. technical assistance to all bank’s systems
•    Collated statistics of daily operations and furnishes reports on ATM and bank’s system
•    Assumed responsibility of a System Administrator and Security Officer for AS-400/OS-400
•    Handled the migration from CISC to RISC (AS-400) and OS-400 Upgrade as well as the physical relocation of the mainframe, AS-400
•    Designated Section Leader for the Y2k  project
•    Handled the planning and implementation stages for the smooth transition of the newly acquired HSBC Savings Bank in terms of network and overall system operation

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