Sikhayan Festival

Sikhayan stands for Sikap Kabuhayan, an annual festival celebrating the Roseñian’s spirit of enterprise which through the decades has fueled Santa Rosa’s economic growth.  It recognizes the contributions made by Santa Rosa’s sectors, from farmers, fisherfolks, artisans, workers and entrepreneurs big and small, to the city’s continuing progress.

Coinciding with the city’s founding as a separate and independent town in the Province of Laguna, the Sikhayan Festival showcases the Roseñians perseverance and determination to improve their lives and that of their communities.  It is a festival that pays tribute to the people’s unrelenting and resolute effort, to their profound sense of community, to their deeply rooted cultural heritage, and to their enterprising spirit. As proven by its history, the Roseñians have worked hard and the Sikhayan Festival is the people’s way of giving thanks and looking forward to a much better future.

This year’s Sikhayan Festival on January 18 marks another milestone in the city’s history. It is a symbolic pledge made by Roseñians towards a promising future carved through effort and hard work. With more progress anticipated to come in the near future, the Sikyahan this year signals the birth of modern city.





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