Where to go


Santa Rosa is a confluence of the old and the new.  While modernization and urbanization is taking place, thecity still maintains much of its rich cultural heritage.

While Santa Rosa has become a commercial hub with its many shopping malls and commercial complexes, the City Proper still maintains its tradition as can be seen in the well-preserved artefacts in the Museo de Santa Rosa and some of the Spanish era heritage houses.  Industries are sprouting yet the city remains old as evidenced by the Cuartel de Santo Domingo, a Spanish era garrison that is a small version of Intramuros.

Nightlife is best spent in Santa Rosa, where one can unwind and relax in many of the spots and enjoy great food and drinks and dance to the music of live bands.  Daytime is great  in the country’s only world-class theme park, the Enchanted Kingdom.  Or spend the day at the world-class golf course, the Santa Elena Golf and Country Club.


Major Destinations


Enchanted Kingdom

The Philippines’ first and only world-class theme park  which offer rides, games and show for the entire family to enjoy and have fun

Cuartel de Santo Domingo

A Spanish era fort, this historical landmark is the city’s own Intramuros

Nuvali- Solenad

This modern, eco-friendly business and commercial complex offers a variety of things to do and enjoy…from fine dining shopping, to just simply cozing around

Paseo de Santa Rosa

Has a variety of food shops and boutiques for people of all walks of life…night times is the best time to visit.

The City Proper

Where one can have a walking tour and see the city’s rich cultural heritage.

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