Vision & Mission


Santa Rosa is a world class, smart and green city with a sustained and inclusive economic growth that is driven by transparent and accountable local governance, effective civil servants and empowered citizenry.


The City of Santa Rosa shall be a model in local governance effectively responding to the welfare of its people through innovative policies and programs, and integrated strategy anchored on.

Creation of a business-friendly and competitive climate

Support for poverty alleviation and capability building, and establishment of priority infrastructures

Protection of environment and promotion of a healthy lifestyle

Maintenance of peaceful, orderly and disaster resilient communities.


We shall pursue an integrated and sustainable development strategy, anchored on responsible stewardship, democratic processes and institutions, and efficient and effective management that will provide world-class infrastructures and support services to:

Promote the City of Santa Rosa as one of the most friendly business center and the “Industrial Capital” of South Luzon by facilitating and encouraging local and foreign investments;

Institutionalize community participation in governance;

Provide quality support and social services, e.g. education, health, housing, micro-entrepreneurship and livelihood programs,

Ensure the protection of its people through rights-based approaches;

Promote and advocate youth and women’s issues and concerns;

Promote local products, heritage sites and eco-tourism;

Promote religious freedom; and,

Promote and protect the environment.

Slogan / Motto

The mission of the City Government is to improve further the quality of life of the people. It is for this purpose that the City Government continues to expand and reinvent its human development services, programs and projects in the areas of health, education, social welfare, housing, environment, peace and order, disaster management, infrastructure, tourism, culture under the slogan:


Seal and Logo

Santa Rosa Laguna

4 Pillars of Development

The measure of development of a town or a city is not its income or number of industries and commercial establishments. The true measure that a town or a city has progressed is the improvement of the quality of life of its people or total human development. Development is for naught if the people do not feel it. Progress will not be sustained if there is no clear program of governance.

Alongside economic development is the need to respond and take action on the needs of the people for knowledge and skills, to have clean environment and healthy lifestyle, to strengthen the livelihood and employment of the people, and to maintain security and resiliency against disasters.

To achieve total human development of the City of Santa Rosa, there is a need to establish its foundations or pillars. Once these pillars are established and strengthened, the people of Santa Rosa will reap the benefits of the city’s development.

This is the Four Pillars of Development. This is our program of government; this is our call. This is our step in our journey to achieve our mission and vision for the city and its people.

These pillars can only be erected if there is support of the communities and people who share the same belief and vision for the city. This can only be possible if the City Government is transparent to its people, accountable in its action, participatory in its form, and efficient in its processes; if the City Government believes in and practices democratic consultation; if the City Government listens to its people and empowers them to be its guide.

This is what the City Government of Santa Rosa has done and will continue to do so under the administration Mayor Arlene B. Arcillas. Through the participation, the people become part of the shaping and development of the city, giving them the opportunity to feel and see their contribution and thus be able to confidently proclaim that they are part of the any and all achievements and accomplishments the city has received and will continue to receive.

A well-educated people with knowledge and skills is the foundation of a progressive city, and will ensure the sustainability and continuity of development. Development, thus, will only be relevant and significant if the people have access to and the capacity to learning, if the people possess the necessary knowledge and skills demanded by the times and needs of the City.

Improved Quality Education
  • The first Mayor to construct four school buildings in her first term of office
    • Sinalhan Elementary School
    • Dita Elementary School
    • Labas Elementary School
    • Balibago National High School
  • Increased the budget allocation for the Special Education Fund
  • Pursued the free education in public schools
  • Excellent performance of public schools
    • 100% graduation rate in high school
    • 1:1 seating ratio – 1 seat for 1 student
    • 1 teacher for 50 pupils in elementary; 1 teacher for 47 students in high school
  • Constructed science laboratories, home economics room, industrial arts room and computer rooms
  • Distributed books under the Libreng Aklat Project
  • Distributed free bags and school supplies to elementary students
  • Scholarship grants to deserving students in private high schools
Skills Development
  • Free skills training at the Santa Rosa Manpower Training Center
    • 100% passing rate of graduates in the TESDA Assessment Test
    • 85% hiring rate both in Short-Term Course and Dual Training Program
  • High marks for the Accreditation and Equivalency Examination ng Alternative Learning System of DepEd
    • First Place in elementary and top 10 in high school

Alongside industrial and commercial development must be the maintenance of a clean environment; that the environment must never be sacrificed because of our desire to embrace industrial growth and development. Ensuring a clean environment is ensuring the health of the people. Because health and environment are symbiotic… a clean environment means a healthy people.

Clean Environment
  • Finalize the 10-Year Solid Waste Management Program and is now for approval by the National Solid Waste Management Commission
  • Started the implementation of the Carbonshed Project with the aid of the World Bank and Laguna Lake Development Authority to ensure clean air and reduce greenhouse gas emission
  • Constructed Ecological Sanitation Toilets in public schools with the assistance of SALAIDA-IDA and Kummon Enkopping, Sweden
  • Constructed a Low-Cost Wastewater Facility with the assistance of the United States Agency for International Development under the Philippine Sanitation Alliance Project
  • Regular tree planting, river clean-up, lakeshore clean-up, street sweeping, canal declogging
Healthy Lifestyle
  • Effective implementation of health programs
    • Hall of Fame Awardee in the Pabasa sa Nutrisyon
    • Best Implementor of Garantisadong Pambata
    • Best Implementor of Training and Advocacy of the Renal Disease Control Program (REDCOP)
    • Green Banner Award from the National Nutrition Council
Provision of Healthcare Services
  • Operation Timbang to prevent malnutrition among children
  • Three (3) times weekly supplementary feeding program
  • Regular dental check up for children and elderly
  • Free medicines and consultation in the barangay health centers
Modernization of the Santa Rosa Community Hospital
  • Upgrading of the Operating Room
  • CT Scan Machine, 2D Echo Machine, Stress Test Machine, Dialysis Machine, Ultrasound Machine
Legislation of the Anti-Rabies Prevention Program that is now a model in the Province of Laguna

Knowing full well that a decent life emanates from a secure employment, and if people are satisfied and pleased in their jobs and livelihood, the community will be tranquil and crime incidence would inevitably be lessened.

Opportunities for Employment
  • Regular Job Fair
    • 2009: Applicants – 5061, Qualified – 1916, Hired-on-the-Spot – 548
  • Summer On-the-Job-Training for students under the Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES)
Alternative Livelihood
  • Regular livelihood training for women
  • 3947 graduates in 2009
  • Regular cooperative seminars and training
Agricultural Programs
  • Animal Dispersal Program
  • Seed Dispersal Program
Programs for the special sector
  • Assistance to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)
    • 613 registered PWDs (2009)
    • 172 beneficiaries under the Physical Restoration Program
  • Assistance to Indigents
    • 3408 beneficiaries of medical assistance (2009)
    • 3516 families provided with assistance (2009)
  • Assistance to the Elderly
    • Establishment of the Botika ni Lolo at Lola

A peaceful and orderly community is an indication of a well-developed city. This can happen only if there is a strong partnership among the people, the local government and the police united in the building peaceful and secured communities.

Programs for the special sector
  • Best Police Community Relations Section in the Philippines
  • 3rd Best Urban City Police Station
  • Police to population ratio: 1:4412 per shift at 1:2206 per population
  • First in Calabarzon to establish a SWAT Team
  • High crime solution efficiency rate : 90.23%
  • Established a Tourist-Oriented Police o TOPCOP
  • Provision of tatlo (3) Avanza and isa (1) Corolla patrol cars for the Santa Rosa PNP
Ensuring Order
  • Best City Marshall of the Year at Best Fire Station of the Year in Calabarzon
  • Regular fire safety inspection and fire drills
  • Provision of firefighting gears for the Bureau of Fire Protection
  • Free medical and dental check-up to detainees
  • Provision of prisoner’s van for the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology
Response to Calamities
  • Gawad Kalasag Award for the City Disaster Coordinating Council
  • Established a Disaster Operations Center
  • Established a Emergency Response Team that underwent a Water Search and Rescue Training
  • Established Barangay Disaster Brigade in the 18 barangays that underwent Contingency Planning Training
  • Established a Disaster Coordinating and Rescue Unit in every barangay composed of 1 team leader, 3 telephone operators, 6 first aiders, 3 rescue van drivers at 3 volunteer workers
  • Established a Search and Rescue Unit as part of the CDCC
    • Has 23 personnel and 1 rescue ambulance